Manufacturing Unit
SNA Oushadhasala commenced its journey way back in 1920. It was established by the great Ayurveda Physician Thrissur Thaikat Unnimooss. In the beginning, it was a small manufacturing unit producing classical ayurvedic formulations that catered the needs of the family physician. But, later extended its services to other Ashtavaidyas also. Subsequently it widened its area of operation to other parts of the state.

At present, SNA has a modern manufacturing unit with a dedicated & well trained workforce. The plant is a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology. By following the WHO’s guidelines for Good Manufactuirng Practice (GMP), SNA received GMP certification for good quality products of international standard.

All the preparations are manufactured under the supervision of experienced Ashtavaidyas with laboratorial tests carried out by the quality control department. Hence, it assures the time tested traditional physical parameters with lab tested chemical and pharmacological parameters. All the medicines are manufactured and packed in the most hygienic conditions.


Poomala project

PoomalaThe proposed manufacturing unit at Poomala, only 10 Kms away from Thrissur Town, is located near the beautiful Poomala Dam site. The factory will be constructed at 85000 Sq.ft. area for an estimated cost of 25 Crore, surrounded by 7 Acres of serene and landscaped plot with garden of medicinal plants . The state of the art manufacturing facility will be built as per WHO GMP standards and certified as ISO. The hygiene, safety, HRD, etc. will be of international standards. A well trained workforce will be employed thus by assure quality of the products services rendered.

The unit will be equipped with sophisticated and most modern machineries for process, filling, packing, material handling etc. The unit will be a fusion of modern technology and ancient & time tested methods of manufacturing.

A high-end Research and Development wing will be set up for developing new products as per the requirement of the industry.

A full fledged and well equipped laboratory with latest analytical and quality assurance equipments for providing reliable, accurate, economical and timely data. The facility will help the company to assure the quality of raw materials, packing materials, in-process as well as finished products etc.

In the Toxicology Study Centre, various studies will be conducted to examine the side-effects of different formulations . The risk benefit ratio of the herbal medicines will be evaluated and submitted to the scientific community for their perusal . This information will be helpful for further development of Ayurveda as a comprehensive system of treatment.

A modern Process validation lab will set up so as to introduce a whole range of health supplements as well as drugs for specific ailments and various health conditions , which will be useful to keep the good health of the society.