SNA Oushadhasala is one of the earliest institutions in Kerala established in 1920. At beginning, it was a small manufacturing unit of classical Ayurvedic formulations, which satisfy the need of the Family physician but later broaden the services to other Ashtavaidyas too. It survived with all unconstructive attitudes during pre-independence time, emerged as most authentic place of health services. And in future decades it represented Ayurveda to other part of the states, provinces and become worldwide. Presently SNA reach to the customer through 10 branches and 500 outlets throughout the country.

At present SNA institution has global acceptance with more than 400 classical formulations, 50 traditional preparations and 25 proprietary medicines. Classical formulations denote Kashayas(Decoctions), Arishtas and Asavas (Fermented forms), Tailas (Medicated oils), Ghrutas (Medicated ghee), Choornas (Powders) Gulikas (Tablets), Lehas(Liqueres) etc. forms from ancient treatises while traditional preparations are formulations transferred from generations of practice. Patent products include creams, linaments, etc, which fulfill the need of minor ailments for counter sale. It also represents the new generation pharmaceutical form with all ancient known ingredients.

Traditional Medicines