SNA is associated with the following organisations as part of the propagation of Ayurveda globally.

Ayurvedic point

Ayurvedic Point  ® srl is a company founded in 2001 with the aim of offering a service for the dissemination and development of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Medicine in particular. The activities of Ayurvedic Point srl  ® are articulated in a cultural and educational sector, the School of Ayurvedic Medicine and a clinical and research sector. Ayurvedic Point  ® has received the ISO9001 certification for its activities .

Equals International

EQUALS was established in 1991. It is an internationally recognised and Registered Training Organisation (registered with the Australian Quality Training Framework) that to Australian and international students.

They specialise in creating innovative solutions for our clients. We work with individuals, government, NGO's, corporate and community sectors.

They also offer nationally recognised training for individuals and groups. Focusing on Integrated Health, Community Services, Disability, Nursing, Business and Frontline Management, Retail, Hospitality, Community Recreation and more, we provide our participants with high quality learning experiences and excellent career pathways.

They do this by focusing on a holistic approach to adult vocational learning, and utilise accelerated learning principles within a supportive, fun environment.