SNAs academic division developed through the inheritance of the founder progressed through many generations and now supporting an Ayurvedic School named Ayurvedic Point in Italy and Ayurvedic School in Estonia with high position in all the European Ayurvedic Education. We also conduct regular educational programs for the students of Vidyodaya Ayurveda College, Srilanka. Teachers of other Ayurvedic institutions and private practitioners also attend form Srilanka as part of advanced continuous medical education. We also conduct Diploma in Traditional Alternative Medicine for students as a part of association with Govt. of Maldives through VESHI.

Besides we conduct academic programmes, certified courses, short term orientation programmes and health awareness activites in different part of the globe. As a part of propagation of pure science various workshops are conducted like Keraleeya Panchakarma, Fundamentals of Ayurveda etc, for doctors and regular certifying courses attracts therapists and masseurs from different parts of India. Such workshop received high appreciation and greater demand for the quality education for the students. Our annual Founders’ Day Programme is said to be highest gathering of ayurvedic students and practitioners of ayurveda in the state.